Seokyung is
an expert for Design Materials.

Seokyung is an expert for design materials. We look for the high quality design materials from overseas qualified suppliers and introduce them to the local clients.

Seokyung thinks about the design first before the material.

As a design material distributor, Seokyung would like to think about the design first before the material. Only when the design that the material pursues is valuable and meaningful, the material can become worth to be used and shine as the design media. We try to understand the design materials as the effective tools for fine design and to avoid the typical mistake of falling into the materials themselves without consideration of the meaning in regard to the design purpose.

Design material is also the area of
Science and Technology.

Design material is also the area of science and technology. As material industry is one of the place where the fastest development continues, the value and the range of design material has been expanded consistently. The way to use design material is also getting complicated.

Accordingly, Seokyung would like to become an expert for design materials who thinks of design first and understands technology in advance.

What we call our active attitude and philosophy for design is,
Business Areas

Our major business areas for design materials are graphic design area, industrial design area and signage design area. Graphic design area is the most important business sector where all the creativities are combined with papers and post-processes. In the industrial design area, the brand-new materials with the outstanding technologies make products looks attractive and innovative, and moreover make them innovative in reality. As we’ve seen moving trends for higher living standard, signage design area where we’ve entered recently may have a lot of design potential.

Graphic Design Materials

In graphic design area, Seokyung has been regarded as one of the major distributor for fine paper and stamping foil. We not only supply such materials but also communicate with our clients for bringing them deeper inspiration for design potential of those materials. By investigating market trends, making own creative samples, and attending design exhibitions, we do our best to understand the design concept and possibility that we can find from our materials, and to share it with people in the end.

We. Design. Paper. Store

We operate a store named as We. Design. Paper. following the name of our identity for graphic design area. The store is located in Seoul downtown for easy approaching and well-prepared with paper and samples made by inches. People whoever like design and paper can visit the store and experience our fine materials in any time.

Major Items

GMUND Fine Papers · NEENAH Covering Papers · SYNT3 PU Covers · BAMBERGER KALIKO Bookclothes · ESKA Boards · KURZ Graphic Foils

Industrial Design Materials

As an exclusive agent of Leonhard Kurz, the German company of hot stamping foils since 1973, Seokyung has been concentrating to supply high-tech decoration materials for brand-new design of various industrial products, i.e. automotives, electronics and cosmetics. We investigate the design trends in advance to the market and develop new materials that may meet such upcoming trends.

In parallel, we also make efforts on introduction and development of new technical processes needed to apply new design materials on real products, as such new materials require new applying technologies in many cases.

Major Items

KURZ Plastic Foils · OVD KINEGRAM Security Foils · POLY IC Touch Sensors

Signage Design Materials

Interior design industry, especially commercial signage field always looks for up-to-date materials. According to higher living standards, there have increased the demands for new materials suitable for it. As Seokyung recognizes the signage design area as a new business opportunity, we are developing new ideas for this interesting field.